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Literature Review

  • A review that summarizes current acute care pharmacotherapy research so you don’t have to
  • Audio reviews so that you can listen on the go
  • Stay up to date with the latest literature delivered to your fingertips
  • Always have the latest data to discuss on rounds
  • Just 1 minute a day to stay on the top of your game
  • Self-paced assessment of common acute care pharmacotherapy disease states
  • Quiz question designed by pharmacists
  • Questions that make you use your critical thinking skills
  • Test your knowledge of pharmacotherapy
  • Increase your confidence by displaying an understanding of the latest evidence-based pharmacotherapy

Patient Case Scenarios

Why is PACU's Literature Review Important?

          PACU takes away the pain of looking through multiple journals to find the most impactful articles and summarizes data that matters. PACU Literature review provides an audio overview of the data so that you can catch up with the latest data on your walk from your vehicle before your shift.

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Why Are PACU Patient Case Questions Important?

        Helps practitioners develop confidence and competence by utilizing case studies that depict realistic clinical scenarios. PACU patient cases help professionals grasp the practical applications of taught concepts. They also prompt reflection by demanding those involved to consider alternative interventions that may have improved the patient outcome. Case studies increase professionals’ participation and enjoyment of learning. Evidence exists that the case-study method improves patient outcomes. Its methodical approach encourages systematic review, preventing medical errors.

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