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Riszel March 9, 2022

Categorizing Cirrhosis


  • Much higher in those with cirrhosis
    • 26.4% per two-year interval in those with cirrhosis versus 8.4% in propensity matched controls
  • Significant differences when comparing compensated and decompensated cirrhosis
    • Risk of death:
      • Compensated: 4.7 times higher than the general population
      • Decompensated: 9.7 times higher than the general population
    • Life expectancy:
      • Compensated: 10-13 years
      • Decompensated: as little as 2 years

Financial Burden

  • Continuing to rise due to cirrhosis and associated complications requiring hospitalization
    • Estimated direct and indirect costs to be in the billions
    • As hospitalizations go up, so does the cost burden on the healthcare system
  • Extended length of stay, medications, and need for emergent procedures all increase cost in this patient population
  • Chronic liver disease patients have also been shown to have
    • Longer admissions
    • More readmissions
    • Less access to care than other disease states