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Clostridioides difficile Infections in Adults by Sarah Kessler, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP

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  • Patients may require antibiotics during or shortly after completion of CDI therapy
  • Concern regarding recurrence with ending CDI treatment but continuing other antibiotics
  • No prospective, RCTs

  • Guideline Recommendations:
    • Administer lower doses of standard of care antibiotics
      • Vancomycin 125mg daily
      • Fidaxomicin 200mg daily
    • IF prevention agent is warranted while systemic antibiotics are administered

Prophylaxis Candidates

  • Considerations for Secondary Prophylaxis:
    • Length of time from completion of CDI treatment
    • Patient characteristics:
      • Number of previous CDI episodes
      • Severity of presentation
      • Patient frailty