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PACUPrep’s MPJE Q-Bank is at the forefront of pharmacy law exam preparation. Our innovative platform offers over 300 expertly crafted questions, with included multiple full and mini practice exams designed to simulate real test conditions and enhance your performance with advanced spaced learning algorithms. With detailed analytics reports and personalized support available anytime, anywhere on both desktop and mobile devices, there's only one choice for MPJE success: PACUPrep's MPJE Q-Bank.

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Does This Sound Like You?

You're a Pharmacist who wants to pass the MPJE and save lives, but you don't have time for a traditional review course.

It's no secret that passing the MPJE is important for pharmacist. But did you know that the average pass rate for first-time test takers is less than 70%? That's why we created PACUPrep a system that is personalized and designed just for you.

PACUPrep, you'll have access to over 300 questions written by expert pharmacists and physicians. You'll also get analytics reports that will help pinpoint your areas of weakness, so you can focus your studies. Plus, our mobile app makes it easy to study anytime, anywhere. And because we want you to succeed, we offer a support group where you can discuss your progress with other pharmacists. So don't wait any longer- sign up for PACUPrep today!


Questions and Explanations

With over 300 questions, our experts have selected questions that simulate the real exam.

Multiple Modes to train

Practice questions in Test or Tutorial Mode and track your progress with our space learning algorithms.


Get detailed analytic reports to help guide your preparation

Mobile App

Our top-in-class software is available on desktop and mobile devices so that you can study anywhere, anytime.


Personalized support to help you identify areas of improvement and connect with others preparing for the exam

Dynamic Question Bank

Dynamic questions that are updated weekly so you get the concept and not just remember the question

Space Learning Technology and Mastery Mode

Our intelligent Spaced Learning algorithms automatically create practice quizzes that are personalized to each user, based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Clinical studies have demonstrated a 2x improvement in exam results for users following our algorithms.