BCEMP Exam Preparation: Choose Your Study Material Wisely!


If you’re looking to ace the BCEMP exam, then you’ve come to the right place! We have reviewed everything you need to get started – from ASHP/ACCP’s Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course to HighYieldMedReviews’ BCEMP REVIEW package.

And if that wasn’t enough, PACU has the PACUPrep BCEMP Q bank, so you can be sure to prepare for any and all questions. With these study materials in your arsenal, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the BCEMP exam with confidence! Now, let’s get studying!

ASHP/ACCP Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course

The ASHP/ACCP Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course is an essential resource for those looking to ace the BCEMP exam. It contains comprehensive review material covering all of the key topics that you’ll need to know to pass. This course also includes a practice exam, so you can test your knowledge and identify any areas that need further study. With the ASHP/ACCP Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle most questions on the BCEMP exam. One of the downsides is the cost at $425 for members and $625 for non-members. Another component is that this method has less than 400 practice questions outside the practice exam, and not all disease states are covered that may end up on the test. This is slightly different from previous work by ACCP and ASHP as this seems to be a little thinner than previous products for other board certification prep. There is a live study prep that is done in Dallas this March 3-4 if you are interested. This method is what most people will recognize due to having the largest market share of the prep courses but if the product doesn’t improve, others in the market could have an advance in the coming years.

HighYieldMedReviews’ BCEMP REVIEW package

HighYieldMedReviews’ BCEMP review package is an ideal choice for those looking to brush up on their knowledge of the topics covered in the BCEMP exam. This comprehensive study bundle includes more than 330 practice questions and answers, as well as a detailed review of all the key concepts tested on the exam. The review material in the Ebook seems to be more geared towards early-stagged pharmacists, as there’s a lot of discussion on pharmacology and material that could be more useful for trainees. The question bank material is not complete as 1/3 of the question bank is toxicology, and a few very questions at the time of this writing are on neurology, cardiology, and infectious diseases. The questions don’t line up well compared to other options on this list due to the lack of depth of questions in areas like infectious diseases. This is a good tool if you need to get the biostatistics package and review basic concepts. The cost is $349 for the premium package.

PACUPrep BCEMP Question Bank

PACUPrep BCEMP Q-Bank is the ultimate choice for exam preparation for the BCEMP testing. Being the newer product in the board prep business, it appears PACUPrep has focused on one main area, testing and space repetition, and went all in there. With over 1000 thoughtfully curated questions, simulated to mimic real test conditions and advanced space learning algorithms – PACU’s BCEMP Q Bank for achieving your best results in the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) Emergency Medicine Exam. In addition to the comprehensive question bank, PACUPrep offers detailed analytics reports and personal support anytime, anywhere on both desktop and mobile devices. PACUPrep is the best option for testing and practice exams. Another benefit of PACUPrep is the personalized approach with study plan generation and access to a study group. The personalized approach appears to be the advantage over the other products on the market at this time. PACUPrep does not have formal review material outside of the explanation of the questions. Still, they do provide a list of references including guidelines, review articles, and podcasts by disease states that can be used to prepare for the BCEMP exam. For the price of $305 for three months, you won’t find a better value for your money than PACU’s BCEMP Q Bank at this time.

ACCP conducted a survey about the best study preparation methods with lower numbers being ranked higher and lower numbers being ranked lower. This data reveals that the top three methods include a prep course, review articles, and a study group. When looking at the products it appears that only PACUPrep has an extensive question bank, formal study groups, and direct links to review articles. ASHP and ACCP has joined forces to create a prep course, however, the structure is different from past years. High Yield MedReviews has an extremely dense prep course with material ranging back to NAPLEX prep and has a limited question bank, that is expected to grow.

Image from https://www.accp.com/careers/boardFAQ.aspx

In conclusion, each of the available BCEMP exam preparation options has distinct advantages and limitations. HighYieldMedReviews’ BCEMP REVIEW package provides comprehensive review material and practice questions to help you brush up on your knowledge, while ASHP/ACCP Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Specialty Review Course offers course structure that is different from past years. Finally, PACUPrep BCEMP Question Bank offers the most comprehensive question bank and advanced space learning algorithms along with a personalized approach with study plan generation and access to a study group. Depending on your individual needs and budget, these options can help you get ready for the BCEMP exam.

Good luck on your exams!

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