What is Board Certified Emergency Medicine Pharmacist  (BCEMP)?

The Board Certified Emergency Medicine Pharmacist (BCEMP) program is a credential for pharmacists who specialize in the care for patients at the bedside across diverse populations and acuity levels, with a focus on optimizing pharmacotherapy, improving patient safety, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of care, facilitating medication stewardship, educating patients and other healthcare providers, and contributing to scholarly efforts.

The purpose of the BCEMP program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to optimize patient outcomes by ensuring quality patient care; improving therapeutic outcomes; assuring safety; and supervising, training, and ensuring competency of all personnel involved in emergency medicine.

Pharmacists who meet all of the eligibility criteria including passing an examination will be awarded the credential titled: Board Certified Emergency Medicine Pharmacist® (BCEMP).

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