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Listen to some of the most brilliant minds in acute care pharmacotherapy during our live seminars.

What Is PACU's Live Webinar Feature?

The PACU Live Webinars are a revolutionary way of bringing global knowledge right into the homes of students, residents, and clinicians. Experts from all over give presentations on the common pain points and areas for improvements in acute care pharmacotherapy. These interactions will provide an opportunity for practice development and professional communication.

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How can the Live Webinars help you?

The Live Webinars are the perfect resource to better and broaden your knowledge.

The monthly interactive sessions make it easy to learn from any location and provide all of the tools that you need for a successful session.

Say goodbye to having to read dense textbooks or waiting for that pesky penpal correspondence; these webinars will have you covered with endless help from some of the most brilliant minds in this industry!

You'll have access to all of our webinars for life.

You'll be able to learn from the best in your field.

Get the latest information on new treatments.

Learn how to take care of your patients better than ever before.

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