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Pharmacists that are preparing for their next board certification exam. They want to find study resources for their boards and practice tests online. They want to find other pharmacy students and discuss the best way to prepare.

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Over 1000 questions written and edited by experts in the field

Practice exams to help you gauge your skills

Analytic to pinpoint the areas needed to focus on


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Improve your retention with laugh-out-loud, self-paced video lectures and written
pearls. Created by experienced educators, our content is designed to maximize
every minute of time you spend reviewing.


Our adaptive Qbank is trained to deliver true-to-test questions that drill your weaknesses. The more questions you answer, the
smarter it gets. We design your study plan based on your performance data; all you have to do is keep answering questions. Plus,
our algorithm accounts for your confidence in each answer, helping you paint a more realistic picture of what you need to work on. It’s
like having your own personal trainer for your brain!

Questions & Explanations

• Are you ready to ace the upcoming BCCCP or BCEMP exam? PACU’s Q-Bank is here to help! With over 1000 questions, our revolutionary platform offers the leading edge of BPS exam preparation. Our thoughtfully curated questions are simulated to mimic real test conditions so that you not only can prepare for success but understand your performance as well.

• Furthermore, every single one of our questions comes with in-depth explanation – giving you the knowledge and tools needed to improve your skills, maximize your score and be more confident come exam day!

• Get ready to soar and sign up for PACUPrep’s BCEMP Q-bank today! Ace the upcoming BCEMP exam with ease and confidence – you got this

Personal Analytics

Ready to take your exam prep to the next level? Look no further than mind-blowing PACUPrep BCCCP and BCEMP Q-Bank! This revolutionary platform is the leading edge of BPS exam preparation, offering features that simply can’t be beat. What’s particularly awesome about this platform is that it utilizes advanced personal analytics to help determine what knowledge you’ve already mastered compared to what you still need to study – and does it all in one convenient package! So now, rather than spending endless hours studying for something you don’t need, you can quickly focus on what’s important and crush your exams with ease. Try PACUPrep BCEMP Q-Bank today !

Speedy Support & Study Group

• Our revolutionary platform provides personalized support and access to an exclusive study group so that you get exactly the kind of help and motivation you need to pass the exam with confidence. What sets our Q-Bank apart is that we’ve capped enrollment, making sure every candidate gets individual attention as they prepare for their big day.
• Unlike other resources, we don’t just leave you alone to try to figure out and solve complex questions on your own. Our team of dedicated experts is here to provide personalized support and guidance on areas where you may be struggling, making sure you ace the BPS examination with ease.
• We know how important it is for you to pass this exam without fail, that’s why our approach is tailored towards each pharmacist individually. Make sure you’re fully prepared by enrolling in PACUPrep’s BCEMP Q-Bank now!

Study on the GO with our Mobile App

Are you studying for the BCEMP and BCCCP Exam? Improve your chance of passing the exam by choosing PACUPrep’s revolutionary platform for a better experience. Our mobile app offers seamless studying on the go, so that you can keep up with exams easily no matter your location. Studying has never been easier with PACUPrep’s advanced mobile app technology, giving you convenient access to multiple modes of question practice, detailed performance tracking and more! PACUPrep Q-Bank ensures that you are completely prepared with the best tools to conquer this difficult exam. With our detailed performance tracking feature, you don’t just get the questions right—you find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie to study smarter than ever before. With our help, learning is made easy and efficient no matter how small or large study sessions may be. Don’t let fear stand in your way; trust in PACUPrep to give you all of the tools needed to pass confidently! Give yourself an edge and make sure to choose PACUPrep’s BCEMP Q-Bank as your go-to tool for success today!

Mastery Mode

• PACUPrep’s Q-Bank is the most advanced and comprehensive tool for emergency medicine and critical care exam preparation. Our revolutionary “mastery mode” is in a class of its own, allowing you to test your comprehensive understanding of the material in an easy yet completely objective manner.
• It’s time to move beyond ineffective ways of studying and finally know that you have achieved mastery. With our lofty and expansive database, you can construct quizzes based on never-before-seen questions or repeat your successes…until every question is at “mastery” level. Our technology isolates weak areas by identifying mistakes and red flags so that you can go back, refine your skills and move up the ladder.
• Take advantage of the only Q Bank with a Mastery Mode feature designed to master the material, not just cram it all into short-term memory only to soon forget it. PACUPrep’s BCEMP and BCCCP QBank will help you ace your test, succeed at the bedside and make all of your dreams a reality!

Space Retrieval Technology

Introducing PACUPrep BCEMP and BCCCP Q-Bank, the innovative, state-of-the art online learning environment. Our partnership with industry leaders Synap provides you with an accompaniment to your traditional BCEMP and BCCCP studies that you won’t find anywhere else. Through Synap’s proprietary Spaced Learning algorithms, discover personalized short bitesize quizzes which can be done on any device in just a few minutes each day. Studies have shown that using our algorithms and customizations can result in 2x improvement in exam results! Take control of your learning journey with our enhanced topic breakdown which reveals insights into question tags, including subspeciality and disease states. Join PACUPrep and join the future of BCEMP exams today!

Multiple Practice Tests

Are you ready to pass your BCEMP exam? Get a headstart on the competition with PACUPrep’s leading-edge BCEMP Q-Bank! Our revolutionary platform is the go-to choice for critical care and emergency medicine exam preparation, offering sophisticated space learning algorithms and over 1000 thoughtfully curated questions to help you ace the test. With PACUPrep, you don’t have to pay extra for each practice test – users have unlimited access to create tests up to 25 questions in length and full-length timed practice tests modeled after the real thing every month. What sets us apart is that every month also brings a dynamic practice exam, with a seemingly infinite number of combinations of given questions and diseases states. And to keep our content up-to-date and relevant, we review current material biweekly and update our questions accordingly. If you want the best preparation experience possible, look no further than PACUPrep’s BCEMP and BCCCP Q-Bank! Challenge yourself today and take your success one step further!

Personalized Plans and support

• What sets PACUPrep apart is our dedication to providing personalized precision support. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we limited our enrollments and put a higher emphasis on customization and guidance. After signing up, you’ll take a pre-test to give us an idea of where your strengths and weaknesses are. Then we’ll develop a study calendar that’s tailored specifically for you!
• Don’t worry about getting lost or falling behind—PACUPrep will be with you every step of the way. With our innovative approach, intimate guidance, and ample support network, you’ll breeze through your certification and become board certified in no time! Sign up for PACUPrep’s BCEMP and BCCCP Q-Bank today, because it’s time to make it happen.

Who Is PACUPrep Made For?

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Pharmacist preparing for board certification

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Pharmacists desiring to stay up to date with the latest in pharmacotherapy and test their knowledge

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Frequently asked questions & anticipated objections

The first time to register for the BCEMP and BCCCP exam will be on January 4th, 2023.

  • Question writers and editors are currently BPS board-certified. We have meticulously reviewed all materials released by BPS that outlines the content and objectives of the BCEMP exam. Also, we have reviewed the content by major organizations associated with BPS to ensure that we are as close to the actual test as possible.
  • The study group will be a place where you can post any questions in a private location amongst other pharmacists studying for the exact exam. Also, you’ll be able to share knowledge and resources with your support team. In addition, this will be a place in which you can ask for additional resources from the PACU team, which we can make personalized to you.
  • Looking for a way to train the pharmacists of tomorrow? PACUPrep has got you covered! Our program is designed with topics from ASHP’s competency areas, so it perfectly matches APPE, PGY-1 and PGY-2 training. Plus if you have a learner on rotation – they can get their own account free when your purchase any subscription lasting three months or longer! The future of pharmacy looks brighter than ever thanks to PACUPrep.
  • We are currently in a process of developing multiple resources that will assist in addition to the Question Bank. We want to put all of our focus into the Q-Bank first but we’re already hard at work at developing something special.

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