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What is PACU’s Reference Library?

This is an innovative collection of references for the most topics in acute care pharmacotherapy broken down by intervention and type of literature. It includes links to primary literature, review articles, podcasts, and medical blogs to help prepare clinicians for the management of critically ill patients

I didn't complete a PGY2 in Emergency Medicine and PACU have given me access to the preceptors I never had to help me feel confident and build competence .

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Why Is PACU Reference Library Important ?

Think about all the time you’ve spent trying to find specific articles to support your research. Now, imagine saving that time for doing things like eating lunch or taking a shower–now that’s liberating! The PACU Reference Library is your one-stop resource for gaining access to a variety of information and decisions related specifically to caring for acute care patients. With only one username and password, you can save hours of researching without sacrificing quality by receiving up-to-date medical information from trusted sources–the best investment we healthcare provider make! 

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An e-learning platform that empowers healthcare providers with knowledge and skills so they can provide evidence-based, safe care for these types of patients.

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