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Pharmacists that are preparing for their next board certification exam. They want to find study resources for their boards and practice tests online. They want to find other pharmacy students and discuss the best way to prepare.

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Over 1000 questions written and edited by experts in the field

Practice exams to help you gauge your skills

Analytic to pinpoint the areas needed to focus on

Space Reptation Technology

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Improve your retention with laugh-out-loud, self-paced video lectures and written
pearls. Created by experienced educators, our content is designed to maximize
every minute of time you spend reviewing.

BCEMP FastTrack: Your Guaranteed-Pass Personalized Path to Board Certification

A revolutionary 6-week online BCEMP preparation program designed to maximize your study efficiency and effectiveness. With an initial assessment to test out of what you already know, combined with cutting-edge spaced retrieval technology, you won’t waste a moment on material you don’t need, focusing your efforts exactly where they are needed most.

Key Features

  • Initial Competency Assessment:

    Begin with a comprehensive assessment to gauge your current knowledge base, allowing you to skip over modules covering information you've already mastered.

  • Customized Study Modules:

    Receive a personalized study plan based on your initial assessment. Focus your energy on filling gaps in your knowledge, not rehashing familiar concepts.

  • Innovative Spaced Retrieval System

    Utilize our advanced platform to ensure that every study session is optimally spaced for maximum retention of concepts, with reminders when it's time to review.

  • Targeted Question Bank

    Engage with an expansive question bank that adapts to your proficiency level, targeting your weakest areas and reinforcing your strengths.

  • Weekly Progress Check-ins:

    Regularly scheduled check-ins help track your progress, adjust your study plan, and provide you with the motivation and support to keep pushing forward.

  • Efficiency-First Learning Approach:

    Every element of the program is designed to respect your time. From high-yield, concise lessons to streamlined review sessions, you study smarter, not harder. O

  • Ongoing Performance Analytics:

    Monitor your progress with real-time analytics to continuously hone your study approach, ensuring you're always on the fastest track to certification.

  • FastTrack Option:

    Offers flexibility to complete the training at a pace that suits you, ensuring the program aligns with your unique learning needs and schedule. P

  • Limited Cohort Size:

    Ensures a personalized learning experience, with only 12 spots remaining as of February 19th, 2024.


  • PACUAcademy : Quick, over 100 courses and access to continuing educations lectures, reference library and literature reviews (all included)

  • PACU Ai: Get first access to our revolutionary Ai Tutoring tool.

  • Mobile Study App: Access your study materials anytime, anywhere, with our mobile app designed for busy pharmacists on the move.


  • Participants who don’t pass the BCEMP exam after successfully completing our program are eligible for a full refund, ensuring your investment is protected.


Frequently asked questions

A comprehensive 6-week course designed for emergency medicine pharmacists aiming for BCEMP certification, featuring personalized study plans, an extensive question bank, and leading-edge learning technologies.

  • Yes, it’s tailored for both new and experienced pharmacists focusing on emergency medicine, with adaptive learning that adjusts to each individual’s knowledge level.
  • Based on initial assessments, the program customizes your study path to focus on areas where you need the most improvement, optimizing your preparation time.
  • Participants receive weekly check-ins for accountability, access to a dedicated support team, and feedback on practice exams.
  • Yes, the program is designed to be accessible across multiple devices, enabling flexible study options.

The program offers a money-back guarantee if you do not pass the BCEMP exam, ensuring your investment is risk-free.

Yes, enrollment includes access to PACU Academy, offering over 100 courses, continuing education credits, and a comprehensive reference library.

To ensure a personalized learning experience, the program limits enrollment to 15 participants per cycle.

While individual results vary, most participants report increased confidence and knowledge within the first few weeks, with successful completion typically leading to exam readiness.

Visit our registration page to enroll. Secure your spot by March 4th to guarantee your participation in the next cohort.


The BCEMP FastTrack Program includes a total of 8 practice exams—6 mini exams and 2 full exams. Each exam comes with full analytics, breaking down your performance by subtopic, and detailed explanations for each question. If you don’t pass an exam, you have the option to retake it as many times as needed, ensuring you’re fully prepared and confident in your understanding of the material.

Yes, over the last 12 months, more than 100 pharmacists have utilized PACUPrep to successfully obtain board certification in specialties like BCEMP, BCCCP, and BCPS. The FastTrack program is specifically designed based on the analysis of data from pharmacists who passed their exams, ensuring it targets key areas for success.

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